Frequent mistakes around digital marketing campaigns

Risks, challenges & traps of a digital marketing campaign

(Digital Marketing talks- Mohamed ELDJENDOUBI with Soheil AARABI - part 02)

Important tips that you should know before launching a digital marketing campaign ; with some real cases of Renault brand*0

Time to talk about risks and challenges of a digital marketing campaign

In the second part, during my conversation with Mohamed ELDJENDOUBI one of the top experienced digital managers of Renault Group, we talked around Digital marketing campaign’s challenges. Here below you can see the related part of the video of our conversation where we share our idea about frequent mistakes and traps for a digital marketing expert on the planning or launching a marketing campaign.  I

A bad Influencer marketing or a nightmare for a digital marketing camping! 0

Soheil: Where we can find the ricks when we are thinking about a digital marketing campaign? Where should we be more careful about it? Is it about budget?  Is it about data? What is your idea about? 0

Mohamed: I am going to tell you my perception regarding my experiences because I have faced many (digital) campaign failures. We learnt from our mistakes, that is what I used to say! When something goes wrong, you need to learn not to reproduce it again. 0

You shared the example of Star Wars campaign (a marketing campaign @ Renault) we also had a partnership with David Guetta when we were launching Renault Twizy (a 100% electric vehicle) So it was a flop, this partnership because it costed a lot of money. We were a little bit ignorant, because we had selected this guy who didn’t like the car but just wanted to make some money with Renault with his music, beautiful films/ clips in the USA in California and so on… at the end it was not a good partnership. It was not a win-win partnership. 0

We also did a (marketing) campaign with Renault Megane cc with wildcard, with a kind of very good trip that turned to a very bad trip at the end. We did a kind of contest in the European cities where people are visiting different countries with the cars & showcasing what they are doing on daily bases on the Social Media networks. But at the end we had some accidents, we had some fines to pay for bad behavior with bad presents, so on… All things that we did not anticipate at all! 0

“So don’t take any risk if you don’t know how to handle it! You should have a risk management strategy”

Mohamed: For example if you are going to take an ambassador or influencer that will damage the brand (if they do something wrong) that is the worst thing you can do! Someone who is not in affinity with your brand but YOU think He is or She is! However, you are wrong! It’s NOT the case… At the end of the day, he/she will break all into your brand. A brand that takes decades to be built in terms of brand visibility, awareness… can be destroyed in less than one day! 0

Cathy and David Guetta as Renault Twizy ambassadors
Cathy and David Guetta as Renault Twizy ambassadors

data gathering & competitors keywords!

Mohamed: So be careful about who you are selecting as a partnership, what kind of data (source & collecting method) you are using when you are launching your campaign. Some data are fake! You know the internet is a jungle. You can find all kinds of fake information, fake stories.. People pretending who they are supposed to be, but they are Not! So there are a lot of traps. 0

In terms of search engine that we talked about it before, people (digital marketing experts) are buying keywords of competitors to smash them. They want to put them (competitors) in a bad situations, “Don’t do that!” 0 

Never does not make sense to buy Peugeot, Opel, Fiat or whoever keywords that wants visit these Brands sites in order to bring them in your (Renault) website. It would be a very bad experience. The opposite result of what you have been expecting. 0 

Here are a few traps tips or risks that you have to prevent from: 0 

Bad partnership, bad influencer marketing,… which will bring a very bad buzz around your brand. 0

Campaign planning: Clear and Predictable

Mohamed: Not making things to complicated with contests (ex: social media interaction models) 0

Try not to plan for a Live on social media when you have events. Because sometimes during Live events you will have bad experiences such as technical issues, problems (about audiences, product…) that will have a bad impact on your brand at the end of the day. 0

The digital marketing campaign should target the right people (target audience) If you make a bad choice at the beginning of a marketing campaign, it will be a mess! 0

Diamond Spaceship 2- Renault & Star Wars partnership
Diamond Spaceship 2- Renault & Star Wars partnership 2017

Real-time monitoring and fine-tuning; Enjoy Digital ! 0

Mohamed: However, the chance that we have in a digital marketing campaign is that when you have made a mistake, during the campaign you can correct it. You will not be able to do it when you go on TV, if you go on print, if you go on advertising billboards, on outdoors… (OOH advertising) it will cost you a huge budget if you want to change something (when the marketing campaign is running and live) But if you’re on digital, it will cost you less and it would be really on real-time. 0

Soheil: Yes exactly! That is the big difference between digital marketing and offline (traditional) marketing campaigns. We can even redesign the campaign or let’s say refine the campaign. We are spending a lot of time, weeks & weeks (for planning our digital marketing campaigns) but at the beginning of the campaign, we may face something unexpected, we will be shocked. Nevertheless, the good possibility that we have in digital marketing is that we can gather all the people around the table immediately, find the solutions, and relaunch it. However, as you mentioned it is important to collect many data, to see all aspects of the project and company’s goal. 0

Soheil: During our conversation, we talked about some Tips of launching a digital marketing campaign. Now, I am going to share it in Farsi, a short recap about what we talked about. You can find the Farsi version HERE. 0

Who is a good digital marketer? 0

Digital Marketing talks- Mohamed ELDJENDOUBI with Soheil AARABIIf you’re interested in this topic, I would like to suggest you to read the first part of this conversation with Mohamed about “essential skills of a good digital marketer”. 😉 0